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Dog House Talk Show

The Dog House is back on air!! Listen daily from 4 – 6 pm (PST) on TALK 910 AM (San Francisco) or on the i-HeartRadio app (Worldwide). No music… A LOT of funny! Starting Monday October 19th. Please SHARE this video! Spread the word! Visit our website at

When writing “Behind the House”, we thought it would be best to target our existing audience. We made the decision to release the movie in parts because we are not established as directors. We are aware that people online tend to bail on any video content that plays longer than three minutes. We hope that […]

We’re Making A Movie!

We’re making our first movie. We will have some opportunities to have you involved.  Please stay tuned….


Was it a good idea to ‘give it to him’?

…to be continued

    Thank you for your love and continued support.  We’re in the middle of several exciting projects that we will be able to share with you soon! In the meantime, please visit us often and say hello! Let us know you were here!  

Sometimes the brightest light comes from the darkest places.  I uploaded a preview to a project we’re working on called How We Livin’.  Watch it over here.    


Here’s a little promo to a new video releasing soon! We hope you will LIKE!!

Full Moon

We were out filming the last shots to our next project last night. We had a lot of fun. Thank you Jason for allowing us to be on Google grounds. 🙂  The project is titled “BLACK & ORANGE” and will be available soon!

  Here are a few production stills from Angel’s Pill.

“Running Through The Storm” – Do you remember the scene in “Angel’s Pill” where she is running through the rain in her dream? That scene was actually shortened. The original scene looked more like this. I’m curious, in this video clip are you able to tell whether or not the rain is real? The clouds? […]

To be or not to be BLONDIE for a day. Why not?  Here are a few stills from the day I went blonde. Watch BLONDIE on the projects page and say hello!   xo- Natasha